Image of Chakra Moons

Chakra Moons


Hand painted watercolour moon. Each moon was painted with the intention of each corresponding chakra.

Red - Root Chakra - grounding, security, financial

Orange - Sacral Chakra - creativity, sexuality, fertility, passion

Yellow - Solar Plexus - sense of self, confidence, happiness

Green - Heat Chakra - love, forgiveness, self love, kindness

Turquoise - Throat Chakra - expression, communication

Indigo - Third Eye - intuition, psychic

Purple - Crown Chakra - spirituality, oneness

Digitalised and printed on thick stock in various sizes. Frame not included. All designs are my original designs and are copyrighted.

Image of Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon
Image of Galaxy Lake
Galaxy Lake
Image of Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Image of Galaxy Storm
Galaxy Storm
Image of Crystal Moon Prints
Crystal Moon Prints
Image of Nebula Print
Nebula Print
Image of Planets Print
Planets Print
Image of Universal thoughts
Universal thoughts
Image of Moon Girl Image of Moon Girl
Moon Girl
Image of Pink & Grey Moon
Pink & Grey Moon
Image of Pink moon
Pink moon
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